Present L-R: Janet Foster (DSP Committee Member), Tony Powell (DSP Chairman), Tony Lister (DSP President) and Frances Lister (DSP Vice Chair)


Report in the Doncaster Free Press on Thursday 13th October 2016

The LAUNCH – Saturday 10th December 2016

Doncaster Stage Productions is Doncaster’s newest (yet oldest) musical theatre group. Founded in 1909 with the name Doncaster Amateur Operatic Society (DAOS).

Doncaster Stage Productions New Logo

Saturday 10th December 2016 marked the start of a new era for the Society with the launch of its new name – Doncaster Stage Productions (DSP). The event was held at CAST theatre, Doncaster and to help celebrate this mile stone the Society had invited the Deputy Mayor & Mayoress George Derx and Pauline Derx to attend along with the NODA Area Councillor Mr David Streeter and the NODA North East Area Representative Les Smith. Frances Lister, DSP Vice Chair and Tony Lister DSP President together with members of the committee welcomed visitors to look round the society archives which contained every programme from 1910 to the present day with the exception of three copies, The Gondoliers 1920, Tom Jones 1922 and The New Moon 1933. Quite an impressive collection. There was a continuous stream of visitors eager to find out more about the society and its future plans under the headings ‘Do You Want To Perform, Act, Dance and Sing’. A screen showed the society in rehearsals for its two previous shows, ‘Hairspray’ and ‘9to5: the Musical’ to give prospective new members an insight into the group. The society had prepared a musical quiz and questionnaires and you could even try your hand at acting and reciting from a selection of available libretto. You could even try the many different dance moves available in the ‘Let’s Dance’ corner. The event was a huge success.

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‘Let’s ACT’

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‘Let’s Sing’

Friends and committee members
L-R Claire Maidens, Karen Powell, Tony Lister and Frances Lister

It’s an amazing society. Everyone is happy and friendly. You will be made most welcome. We had a great day. Thank you for coming along.