The Executive Committee, made up from elected members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) run the society on behalf of the membership and as well as organising and coordinating the productions, they also maintain the website and facebook pages keeping members informed of rehearsals and any important information.

Meet the DSP Committee

President: Anthony Lister

Acting Chair: Claire Rowley

Vice Chair: Claire Rowley

Treasurer: Karen Powell

Assistant Treasurer: Tony Powell

Secretary:  Frances Lister

Publicity: Frances Lister and Richard Lister

Ticket Secretary: Frances Lister

Committee Members:

Anne Gooch, Al Powell, Bradley Chappell, Amy Louise Coates, Frankie Leigh Riley, Janet Foster and Victoria Powell

The Social Committee, also made up from elected members of the Society at the AGM, keeps members informed of organised social and fundraising events to which all members, family and friends are invited.

Social Committee:

Chairman: Frances Lister

Secretary: Claire Maidens

Treasurer: Lynne Piper

Committee Member:

Frankie Leigh Riley and Victoria Powell