Doncaster Stage Productions

Sound of Music



5 – 8 MARCH 2014

Team ‘Bread’
Team ‘Jam’








Performing a show based on fact which occurred during the lifetime of many of the members of the Society is indeed a daunting task, but Doncaster Amateurs succeeded in spite of their performing in unfamiliar surroundings of the new CAST theatre.

The entire show was a huge success from beginning to end and can only enhance the reputation of this well known Society.

Mary Leverton, playing the role of Maria gave us a truly great performance, moving from the frustrations to the delights of her character. her singing was of a very good standard.

Maria played by Mary Leverton

Supporting her was Richard Wilshaw as von Trapp who gave us a rounded characterisation subtly changing from the martinet to a soft and gentle loving husband and father.


Captain von Trapp played by Richard Wilshaw

The von Trapp children, ably led by Paris Guest in the role of Liesl was delightful throughout and captured the admiration of the appreciative audience. The rendition of all their numbers was enthusiastic and enchanting with an exceptionally high level of both performance and stage discipline. never were they out of control nor over the top.

The children – Team ‘Bread’
The children – Team ‘Jam’

The supporting cast too, were extremely complimentary to the action with special mention to Catherine Jewsbury in the role of the sophisticated Elsa Schraeder, demanding everything but getting nothing.

Elsa Schraeder played by Catherine Jewsbury

Trish Lampard as the Mother Abbess has to be another singled out for her performance. She played her part with sympathy and understanding and her singing of the number ‘Climb Every Mountain’ was superb. Many of the audience were reduced to tear.

Mother Abbess played by Trish Lampard

The scenery, costumes, lighting and sound were of excellent quality and added to the enjoyment of the evening.

The production team of Ian Coley (Director), Ian Gude (Musical Director) and Natalie Howe (Choreographer) have every right to be proud of their achievements with this Society. It was obvious that much hard work had been put into their efforts to ensure that a truly memorable performance was presented to the audience.

Geoff Haywood

NODA Representative