The Sound of Our Music


It certainly paid off for DAOS to have a joint concert with Rainbow Connections and also to choose a new venue. This show was well put together and was able to show off the talents of both companies in their chosen numbers.

Billy Elliot


They started well with a selection of songs from Billy Elliot and I have to say young William Challis as Billy was perfect in his number Electricity both his singing and dancing was excellent, I am sure if he chooses it this young man will go far.

A very difficult number and not one which is done very often was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Trio performed by Frances Lister, Beth Stephenson and Abbi Leverton, as I say this is not an easy one to perform but all three ladies did it well and sang their socks off to give a brilliant performance.

As I have said this was a joint venture with Rainbow Connections which is a singing group of young people who have performed in various venues around the country and they gave a really good programme to compliment DAOS.

The first half closed with a selection of songs from The Sound of Music which the society have chosen for their 2014 production in the new Cast Theatre in Doncaster, all I can say is if this is just a sample as to how the show will be they are on to a winner, especially with Mary Leverton as Maria and Daniel Flanagan and Paris Guest as Rolf and Liesl respectively.

Mary Leverton

During the second half of the show the company sang Sunday from Sunday in the Park with George, not an easy one to sing as with most Sondheim’s numbers but once again they pulled it off, also in this section Trish Lampard sang Fifty Percent from Ballroom, another difficult song as the accompaniment gives no clues to the singer but Trish gave this her all and was fantastic.

Trish Lampard

To finish the programme both companies joined forces to sing One from Chorus Line complete with hats, it is very rare that the whole cast on stage can get their hats going up and down at the same time but I am certain this happened tonight, well done, this must have taken hours of rehearsals to perfect.

The Company

Les Smith