For One Night Only


Cabaret at Pastures Lodge, Mexborough, Doncaster

Sunday 21st May 2017

With a good mix of songs which included numbers from Chicago to Cats, from The Last Five Years to City of Angels and from Sister Act to Aida there was sure to be something for everyone and from the sound of the applause it certainly showed the audience loved it.

I particularly enjoyed Jack Hodgson’s performance of Mr Cellophane from Chicago, this, I think, is a very underrated number but one which Jack certainly gave credit to, another number which I have to admit I have never heard was Taylor the Latte Boy performed by Emily Summerill, this was a great number and one which Emily performed to perfection.

The second half of this show started with a medley from Blood Brothers featuring Karen Powell, Helen Green and the full company, this was very well received by the entire audience present, Lynne Piper performed an extremely funny rendition of Tomorrow from Annie complete with ginger wig and red dress, this almost brought the house down as did her number in the first half, Memory from Cats.

I’d give my Life For You from Miss Saigon was sung perfectly by Emily Summerill and I’m sure there will have been some tearful eyes during this number. A young man was brought on to the stage, to say Joe Parkinson is a great dancer is an understatement, he is brilliant and he was able to prove this when he danced to The Stars Look Down and Electricity from Billy Elliott, the audience loved him and I am sure he is destined for a great career in this profession, Joe was also joined by the full company.

A show which is very rarely performed these days is Showboat and this is a great pity as it contains some great numbers such as Can’t Help Loving Dat Man, this was performed by Frances Lister much to the delight of the audience.

The show was brought to a close with a medley from Les Miserables featuring Al Powell, Jack Hodgson, Frankie Leigh Riley, Helen Green, Riannah Burnage, this culminated in the full company singing and performing One Day More.

Many congratulations to everyone involved in this great show.

Review written by Les Smith

NODA Representative

District 5b