Planning, rehearsing and staging a show takes months of hard work by the committee, production team and members of the company. Show week is the culmination of all the hours spent rehearsing songs, dialogue and movement until we can deliver a perfect performance. Every detail of the production has been carefully planned to give maximum pleasure to the audience. Opening night brings a new nervousness and expectation to the company. The audience reactions and applause lifts us and enables us to play out the story line with confidence. The end of the production brings a buzz of excitement. We, the performers, know we have done all we can to deliver the acting and singing as rehearsed over and over until it is as the Director visualised it.

We are all theatre critics trying to improve our own performance and please our family, friends and colleagues. Occasionally there may be someone from the press in the audience and to receive a good review makes all the hard work more satisfying.

DSP are affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) who have representatives in each area covering all amateur productions. Doncaster is in the NE, Region 5b and Les Smith is our NODA area representative. Most representatives are amateur performers belonging to societies in the region so know about performing from first hand experience. They offer support and advice on many issues relating to amateur theatre companies. We have been very fortunate to welcome our representative to all our shows and have received great reviews all of which are constructive. These reviews are published on the NODA website for all societies to access.

To receive an excellent review from either the press or the NODA representative can not only boost moral and give confidence to the company but also increase ticket sales and the society’s reputation.

We hope you enjoy reading the reviews we have received since moving to the new CAST theatre in 2014.